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November 24th, 2008

by Laurent François

Tom Fishburne expressed this morning what we have have to overcome at the moment in our markets:

“I think that the “safe is risky” motto even applies in a downturn. Actually, I think it especially applies in a downturn. Because the status quo won’t cut it when consumers are reframing how they look at the world. Nimble brands will take advantage of this time to find new opportunities.

In the credit crunch marketing conference I mentioned last week, one of the speakers talked of the importance of becoming the “peacock in a crowd of pigeons” (another way of describing the “purple cow”). The easiest way to remain a pigeon is to take the “safest” path.

It reminded me of that old story about the artist who was asked how he knew how to sculpt a horse. He said, “easy, I just chisel away everything that doesn’t look like a horse.”

If you think in terms of SWOT, if you’re dramatically losing your reputation, if you just keep your boat in the wrong direction, you’re definitely wrong.
Sometimes creativity just means going back to a former question: “why did it work before?” Or just a rational one: “let’s go in another place ’cause I’m now wrong”.

November 24th, 2008

Facebook data exchanges’ visualization: a snapshot similar to Earth by night

by Laurent François

“This video showcases a Hackathon project that visualizes all the data Facebook receives.”

What’s astonishing is that this visualization is very similar to a snapshot of how Earth looks like by night, depending on the light’s usages all over the planet. A world where the more visible continent is the US, and a picture that follows globalization big trends (ie: countries’ coasts are more “lit” than inside territories).

Thanks Palpitt for this video…