Barney, cheerleader effect & social media

by Laurent François

“On last night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, Barney (Doogie Howser’s Neil Patrick Harris’ character) explained a phenomenon known as the “Cheerleader Effect”. Basically, it’s the idea that while things may look hot as a group from a distance away (like a bunch of young cheerleaders), when you look closer at each one individually you realize they aren’t as good looking as you expected.”sftsports

Ok, so what’s the point ?

The point is that in social media, in order to make your voice be listened, you obviously have to play collective. Why that ? Because you first need a reputation to be “followed”. Why do you trust someone ?

  • you already know the guy IRL or thanks to his reputation (a famous author etc.)
  • some friends told you he’s a good guy
  • you are a true believer

And in order to trust someone you don’t know at all, you don’t have so many choices. You need conversations, you want to know the people you’ll trust. And so do I.

Moon gives us some nice advice:

“Sharing is the most important – participate in the conversation, try to help people and let people how to do without charging them money at first. You think people will follow you if your answer to them is “You can get my answer from the eBook and go buy it”? You need to share with them and give them solutions so that the trust is developed.”

You probably think you’re astonishing, great. If you’re lucky or talented, you also have fantastic stories to tell. But first, what’s even more important is recognition from your peers. And as a long art, it takes time to build your network. Just think about street artists: they first mobilize and interpellate passer-bys before starting their show.

So Barney was right : the cheerleader effect in social media will help you become stronger, more beautiful and probably more secure and peaceful in case of a big crisis.

More information about “How I met your mother” last episode:

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