Digital in real life: retail innovation, consumers experience improved

by Laurent François

Have you ever had this discussion about the true power of the so-called “digital world” in real life?

What’s interesting is that online & offline separation is out. Now the question is: how to get in touch with the daily concerns / interests of people, who are more and more connected to a digital world.

For Trendhunter:

“Jeremy Gutsche (Nov 27, 08) – Black Friday 2008 sales are upon us, which has everyone thinking retail. Instead of exploring the Black Friday ads and Black Friday sales, this article explores the many ways that retailers are innovating to get people into their stores”

About this changing consumer Razorfish published a white paper called “Consumer Experience Report”. You can download it here.
I agree with Vinod on his hope for the “Increasing importance of user experience design and designing for the “Facebook generation””. And the fact that the conversation can now start in the street is even better 😉

More about this report:

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