Faith, economics and social media: welcome to real life

by Laurent François

Sometimes, good things happen when a crisis happens; you try to fix out the problems, and go back to your core competences (business value chain, management, skills etc.).

Problem is that if you go back to your core competences, you need an organization ready to follow you, sharing the same vision and agreeing about this same affinity. You then need “believers”…Funny statement that when times are quiet complicated, you need to substitute fake rationale by improving some kinds of faith.
Jay Deragon gives us a strong learning:

“I recently heard Dave Ramsey say “The essence of our economy is based on the people’s faith”. In other words do people believe in the economy, the conditions and those who influence the economic policies and the subsequent impact on our future earning and buying power. I thought Dave’s statement was profound and then I began to think of our current situation.”

Venkatesh Rao illustrates this big idea around an ongoing war between social media vs knowledge management:

“SM is an organic, protean, creative and energetic force. KM is a brittle, mechanical, anxiety and fear-ridden structure. It is telling that the biggest KM concern is the potential loss of Boomer knowledge, a backward-looking preservation/archival concern, while the biggest current SM concern is probably the heart-stopping excitement around the possibilities of mobile devices and the potential Web-top-enabling Google Chrome.”

Social media will certainly find a more reassuring position for “facts & figures marketers” (what we all should be to a certain extent) once we’ll have hamonized what we can expect from them (the famous ROI question). So to say, intuitive faith to re-implement trust in our economics system. A good first step to make people the centers of our system again?

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