Future of the web: from the world wide web to the data-web, with Kevin Kelly (Wired)

by Laurent François

An interesting talk by Kevin Kelly (Wired) during Web 2.0 summit.

“I gave a talk yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit. It’s a short talk, only 10 minutes long, so I decided to skip Web 3 – Web 9 and just speak about the upcoming Web 10.0 and what I think will happen in the next 6,500 days.”

Main insights:

  • we’ll experience a deconstruction of the semantic web in order to make human queries understandable by machines (leading to a new structuration of the link between things & namesà
  • web won’t be about sharing links but about sharing data
  • world wide web will collapse in order to creata a data-web: basically, our search will directly lead to the right place in the database (and not anymore on an online place)
  • people will be highly dependant on communcation devices
  • paradoxically enough, the more data-web the web will be, the more social our online interactions will be -because linked to real needs and solutions

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