New Vogue web platform in France: a good example of social-media world integration

by Laurent François

Vogue represents vitality, innovative styles, trends, news and hot new stuff.

Good news for fashionistas and modern culture addicts in France: we’ll have the chance to get a brand new Vogue website tomorrow morning.

Condé-Nast presented its strategy for it: won’t be just an online version of its magazine, but a true independant and original destination for readers. There will be hot exclusive content, the backstage of fashion weeks all over the world, with an off-beat tone + style-of-the-day photos shooting.

Here’s a screenshot of the new Vogue (available now in few hours, according to the press conference I attended this morning @salle du Jeu de Paume in Paris) : wants to be a true brand “jewel case”, and asked the brands to be always more innovative, always more creative, to improve the readers’ (we used to call him “consumers” ages ago :p ) experienc. They think about branded content, that is not yet very developed in our local market, even for banners. wants to embody the place to be to follow the show and the very last information, and wants to be the inheritant of a French phenomenom that appeared in the 80s called the “radio libre”, FM programs when listeners could directly call the animator and talks to the whole world, to promote sometimes a future famous song / idea / event. It follows previous Vogue live blogging and Twitter tactics during the last fashion weeks.

Vogue follows its stategy even in its HR for its website. Aurore Leblanc, star-DJ in France and blogger, is the new editor. Vogue is now also working with Garance Doré , one of the most talented French blogger to provide some exclusive content online (her blog is now commercialized by Condé Nast). It is a symbol of the convergence between bloggers and Vogue readers

Garance Doré

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