P2P interview #1 with Jeff Pulver : "I believe that if we communicate more, we are one step closer to world peace"

by Laurent François

I met Jeff Pulver last October in Athens. I was pretty impressed both by his height (remember I’m a little Frenchie) and by his strong vision on social media.
Jeff Pulver is one of the world’s most recognized “pioneer of the VoIP industry and a leader in the emerging TV on the net”.
He’s also very famous for his “Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends” all over the world. And I hope he’ll have the idea to organize one in Paris soon…and today I’m pretty proud that he answered some quick questions for my first “People to People interviews (P2P)”.

  • Hello Jeff : can you introduce yourself in few words ?

A few words – here is my twitter bio – “Technology Anthropologist”; Entrepreneur; Early-Stage Seed Investor; speaker, Living in Social Media (more info at http://pulver.com/jeff)

  • What made you start blogging ?

I had been publishing my own monthly “report” since Aug, 1996 and in July 2003 I morphed my monthly newsletter into a daily blog.

  • Have you seen some major changes in the US blogosphere this year ?

None that I have been paying attention to. It is nice to see some of the mainstream sites support twitter and engage in video discussions.

  • In Europe, there’s a major debate between bloggers who start publishing paid articles and others who think it undermines the whole community’s reputation and credibility. What’s your opinion ?

In the world of social media – I talk about the 3 “R”s –
– Respect – we exist based on the respect others give us and the respect we show others.
– Responsibility – we have to take responsibility for what we write and what we do.
– Reputation – this is how others look at us and evolve over time.

If we spam our readers + friends in our social graph, we lose friends and followers. As long our friends + readers are ok with seeing commercial content, than it is up to the writer and their readers to come to terms about this.
On a personal basis, I see both side to it. In the end, if we abuse the relationship we lose our ability to have a voice and we will not be heard.

  • Do you have 2 ideas of what will change in 2009 ?
  1. Internet Video / Internet TV – platforms will evolve which will add context to video content and enable commerce.
  2. Social Media – more people will start to understand how the evolution of social media will change the way we communicate. Social media moves from trendy geek to more mainstream.

My biggest trend for 2009 is something I call “Life 3.0″ – and it deals with how we are presented in the evolving digital / semantic web.

  • If you had the chance to change the world thanks to social media, what would you do ?

enable a platform to effect real change with open communications. I believe that if we communicate more, we are one step closer to world peace.

Thanks a lot Jeff, and let’s discuss it @ le web 08 next December !

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