Social media : people, passion and projects

by Laurent François

Dan Neely gives us a relevant statement :

“The problem most companies have is quantity of social media insights coming at them…”

Problem is that when you as a brand have to face so many data, you cannot avoid thinking in terms of figures, in terms of transactional mechanisms…whereas social media are all about people, passion and projects :

  • People are the media ; the difference with a newspaper or a magazine is that the author of a post or of a comment does not have to justify a contribution to a shareholder or to an editor-in-chief. The organization of this new media is not as professional as a newsroom. It means that he’s his own boss, and that the way you outreach him mustn’t be too processed. It’s all about people talking to people
  • Passion is the engine ; people writing and contributing online, or even lurkers (explanations here, here and there) want special moments, want to share their interests. If you want to convince them as data or as lines in a grid, you miss one thing : they don’t think like you do
  • Projects ; a transaction, even out of social media world, is first an agreement. In financial field, I say yes to your purchase because I do agree to say that you have enough money on your bank account. So what about agreements between people ? When you meet someone that you want to seduce in a bar (for a night, for a business, for a jogging next Sunday shiny morning…), you have 3 solutions :
  1. going straight to the point (but you risk to be kicked out),
  2. remaining silent (but at least the person you want to seduce will have a dejà-vu feeling next time you meet each other)
  3. or listening first (blablabla I love pastas blablabla) for maybe interacting (“wow you like pastas ? I should have told you my mum’s Italian !”). You can be sure that it’s the safest way to engage a conversation

Charlene Li broadcasts a very nice presentation very people-oriented. I particularly love this quote : “what kind of relationship do you want ? passionate, constant, intimate, loyal”

More about social media, brands and relationship :

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