Socrates on social media: be authentic

by Laurent François

Hello world,

Tonight I won’t write a long analytical post, just a Greek thought for all of us:

“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant”. Socrates”

In our liquid modernity, everything goes very fast…Nonetheless you need to take your time to be authentic. Be not enough reactive and you’ll be out of context. Be too quick and you’ll become intrusive. Complicated balance to find.

As Mark Dykeman mentions:

“The term friend will remain in social media for a long time to come: it’s embedded into social networking culture. I think that contact is really a better term to use because it’s more consistently accurate. Contacts are people who know each other, even if only superficially, and they’ve given each other permission to reach out and communicate to each other. Contacts can also be real friends. However, as I asked at the beginning of this article, would you trust a social media friend with something that’s precious to you? Trust is not a default – it needs to be earned.”

You weren’t born friend of someone, you became one, even if affinities or habitus drove you to this situation. But more important, you have to give something before getting trust from someone who affords you some of his/her time.

Have a good week-end, world :)

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