Why a French blogger should write in English ?

by Laurent François

A French guy writing in English. Damn Hell ! Obama is not yet elected and it’s already the revolution in social media ?


Writing in English for a non native is a tough work, you’re right. But it’s necessary for at least 2 points :

  1. online discussions have borders : many issues happening in French or in Portuguese will never have a worldwide audience because of the language barrier. So to say, “the world is flat” is sometimes just a joke
  2. innovation comes from disruptive approaches; if I follow Schumpeter theory : innovation depends on a company’s size. If I distort it to social media : we need more representations from small local contributors in order to share new ideas and avoid eugenism 2.0

I’m pretty happy to start this new adventure here…and I definitely believe in the fact that the Web is first and foremost a We-question. And in the fact that the world’s understanding can be improved thanks to social media :

“Marshall McLuhan, the patron saint of media theory, claimed that every new medium uses an old medium as its content. Social media use mass media for much of their content, and moreso for how to organize and lay out that content. We use print, web 1.0, software application UIs, as well as television, cameras, and radio. But we cannot understand how social media are used if we do not first understand what interests our users, in being on social media, in using them to connect and relate, and in reading what users have left behind.”

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