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December 15th, 2008

María Florencia Onori as Virgin Mary for Playboy Mexico

by Laurent François

Laura Martinez reports on her blog a fantastic buzz mixing religious opinions, sex and voyeurism in Mexico:

This is María Florencia Onori, posing as Virgin Mary for this month’s Playboy Mexican edition, which in a matter of days has sold 80,000 copies, proving -once again- that print is not quite dead yet.

The surprising thing is that it is most discussed in Portuguese than in Spanish, according to Google trends, and that conversations happen only in Mexico City and in Madrid in a relevant manner.
A way to prove that issues are local, and that diasporas keep an eye on their hometowns ?

December 15th, 2008

Sexting media: teenagers’ reputation at stake

by Laurent François

ABC News gave great insights about what we call “sexting“:

“If a boy meets a girl or has a girlfriend on summer break he comes back and shows all his boys the [naked] pictures he’s been sent. No one gives it that much thought really,” says Younger.

The dangerous combination of teenagers behaving provocatively and impulsively is not new, but the accessibility to the technology is. With cell phone cameras, they have been handed a tool so easy to use for some it’s impossible to pass up.

Funny? Not really, because the repercussions can be pretty dangerous for the teenagers.

How come ?

Now, when you text someone, your device is connected to the web…So the tremendous thing to do is to tease someone and publish the photos…on any social networks, just to share with your buddies.


IRL, we call it sexual maltreatment. In virtual world, which has consequences in real life, it can lead to:

  • offending reputation
  • breach of trust
  • psychological trauma

What used to be just a provocative manner evolved: there will be digital footprints “forever” of these affairs in search engines, ghost accounts etc:

“The survey by Girlfriend magazine found that four in 10 readers had been asked to forward a nude photo of themselves via multimedia phone messaging, known as MMS.”

So what to do?
Probably also teaching kids what is at stake when they use all these new media. And explaining why they need to be extremely careful with their online stories. Because it must belong to them.

Some might call it literacy. Or just responsibility.

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December 15th, 2008

P2P interview #3 with Olivier Bassil : "Luxury is very specific, but it’s also very generic in its scope, and it can apply to everyone and everything"

by Laurent François

Olivier Bassil is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of SQUA.RE :

SQUA.RE is the first and only community-generated TV site dedicated to your ideas of Luxury, Style and Inspiring Lifestyle. Whether you are a socialite, a trendsetter, or even a company who has an interest in featuring your own channel, or whether maybe you just like to watch, if you are in any way interested in the “Luxurealism” of this world, then SQUA.RE is for you.

He accepted to answer some questions for Social Media [re]loaded

  • Olivier : can you introduce yourself in few words ?

I am a 26 year old entrepreneur living in London. I love connecting with people and my passion is my work in media and luxury.

  • What’s the positioning of compared to ASW ?

While SQUA.RE shares the exclusive community aspect with A Small World, we have a different goal and concept. We wish to gather and showcase the most inspiring content online, and therefore we are really interested in members and companies who can contribute to our main channels, in the view of sharing these with a much broader base of viewers. SQUA.RE and ASW can fully co-exist as they have different goals and directions.

  • Many observers start talking about “Bespoke” as the marketing key-objective : is it the spirit that is driving Squa.Re ? If so, how can you provide to a whole community of individuals a unique treatment ?

The way you achieve this is by keeping your community niche and focused. We are stricter every day about the relevance of our members, and really, an ideal member is someone who can contribute with a channel featuring great original content. I try and stay connected on a personal level to all members, it’s part of my job as community leader, and I take it very seriously.

  • Do you imagine diversifying the platforms for, for example a high-life Twitter-like ?

Yes. The next versions on SQUA.RE will feature more and more features catered to the general visitor, in order to give her/him a fully personalised experience in luxury online. I feel this is something everybody is interested in, one way or another. Luxury is very specific, but it’s also very generic in its scope, and it can apply to everyone and everything.

  • If you could achieve a digital utopia thanks to social media, what would it be ?

It would be an online experience that is smooth, complete and addictive, a platform that combines exclusivity at its basis with open-mindedness and visibility to the public at large, a platform with something for everyone, in a very quality focused, consistent and editorially strong way.