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December 19th, 2008

Multiculturalism in social media & social marketing: a missed opportunity ?

by Laurent François

I remember a great thought of Amartya Sen when I was student. It was about London integration model, and I do think that it is interesting for social media across the world.

“About the existence of a diversity of cultures which can cross one another like boats in the night : does it really represent a success story of multiculturalism ?”

When we try to follow some online discussions, we discover that there are not so many bridges between language areas

Two ideas:

  • Maybe because people talk about their daily concerns. And I guess that daily concerns are rooted in local specificities
  • Maybe also because not so many people speak fluently 2 / 3 languages

As Dr Felipe Corzenny says : “The lesson of the story is: Those who are forgotten may be your biggest opportunity.”