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December 21st, 2008

Blogging the Greek riots: introducing some narrative elements to a generation revolt with g700

by Laurent François

g700 (like “generation 700 euros) is an interesting example of how to introduce some narrative elements during riots. A sample of their work:

“Having said that, sooner than expected young teenagers of the millennium generation and we, the young workers of generation 700 euros, will need to start looking for practical solutions to our problems.

Solutions! Now that’s where the real problem starts. As politicians usually say when they want to justify their inactivity “there are no magical solutions”. Of course! There are no easy fixes. Solutions do exist though. They are to be found in fighting the ills of the Greek economy: crony capitalism, public sector inefficiency, nepotism, public finances that are in a state of insolvency, labor market “rigid-anomy”, lack of opportunities and funds in the beginning of young people’s working lives, narrow production base, low skill economy, gerontocracy, inefficient education system. It ain’t a small task. But these are the strategic policy areas that a New Deal for the Young and the rest of the country needs to address immediately. Fixing those problems is the only way to restore social and integernerational justice in the country, and advance into a new era of sustainable prosperity. This is what we should be fighting for today. Young Greeks must win peacefully the future we deserve. “

A huge discussion started on this blog. In Greek, but also some milestones in English. A way to share thoughts, a way to share what’s going on there. It’s not about “citizen journalism”. It’s about citizen testimonials. Like also this American in Athens.
Out of traditional online journalist sources of information, this kind of blog is a new step towards getting new thoughts about what’s going on in a country. Moreover when it’s one you don’t understand the language.