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December 31st, 2008

"Torches of freedom", storytelling and social media

by Laurent François

I’m currently reading Edward Bernays’ book, “Propaganda”. Ed Bernays is the father of public relations and spin.
And he develops many examples, like the “torches of freedom” during Easter Parade in New York City, 1929.

At the end of 1920s, American Tobacco company was claiming that if women don’t smoke, it means that they miss 50% of sales.

So, how to make the opinion support the idea that smoking is good? Good question, rational answers would be: no way! Unless cigarets become a symbol of women sexual freedom.
That’s what’s happened. Creating a divide of opinion, it’s already influencing.

What’s the point? That in causes like in literature, there are good and bad stories. Good news is that we now can say and claim through online expression when we don’t agree.

Happy new year.