A social media link between Britney Spears and AIDS

by Laurent François

Guess what: today is the World AIDS day . And because I was looking for a fantastic idea to promote the cause, I went to Mr Google, and I asked Mr Google Trends what was the search volume of AIDS…And because (again) I was surprized by the first results, I compared it with Britney Spears’ones. The results are astonishing:

First, more people are looking for information about Britney than about AIDS. If I follow my cynical logic, more people care about the pop-singer.
Other insights: AIDS is more searched in Indonesian & Portuguese than in English (compared to Britney). South African guys feel really more concerned, according to the search volume. Would it be because the daily life is more affected in these areas?

So I officially ask Britney to stop being toxic, right now:

Britney Spears – Toxic
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