"Context is King": why when you blog, you cannot avoid the "Us"

by Laurent François

I read a great article written by Joshua Porter about the Tyranny of Context:

“Anyway, I think this all comes down to what I’m going to call The Tyran”ny of Context. When we’re in the context of our lives, using technology to augment our daily activities, we don’t think about it as technology, per se. We see it as a tool to help us do fun things. But when we sit back and look at technology from afar, away from the details of context, well we often have a less positive view of it. This is precisely how the very same person who says that people watch way too much TV are then absolutely captivated when they can see the beads of sweat on Kevin Youkilis’ face when viewing a Red Sox game in HD. (that would be me)

And I think this is why context is so hard to design for. We often don’t know why other people find technology valuable…they’re using it in countless ways within their own life. To the causal outsider it looks like they’re just wasting time, but to them it’s merely what they do. To us its merely what we do.”

It becomes more and more complicated now that the context is driven both by the users and by your personal online & offline journey.

  • you need to inform your “followers” of the journey you’re experiencing, otherwise they cannot get the full context. The problem is: how to keep your privacy…private, and the other question is: if you start talking online, and that you become popular, does it mean that it always drives you to become a public icon
  • you need to know more or less what the guys who answer you are doing or have done, for the same reasons
  • + you need to be informed at the “macro” level of what’s going on in the world, or more precisely in the social world you live and interere in

It seems like it’s time devastating. I know it ’cause I also live it :)

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have a good day!

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