Digital native: a passive marketing notion

by Laurent François

Marketing notions often give the strange feeling to be self-evidence. You know, “the” consumer, “the” advocates, “the” blogger…The problem is that sometimes it becomes the only basis for a full book, pamphlet, argument, whereas it should just remain as a simple categorization.

But we all need to earn money, don’t we ? :p
So the very last popular marketing notion is “digital natives“. That’s pretty useful, because it positions some people IN and some people OUT. Yeepee! They reintroduced this idea of territory even in social media. But it does not match all the real facts.

  1. First, what can we do with older people ? It’s a big problem, since they’re one of the most connected category, and learnt how to use all our web 2 magic tools. They have time to test them, and they also have money to buy some devices. Damn. Should I call grand-daddy “baby” ?
  2. Then, ok, babies are now exposed to 6, 7 or 8 screens. Great. But to know how to play with a Wii does not mean that you know how to read what you’re actually reading/using. To get the capalities to find the good information, to understand the issues, it’s not innate. You need a kind of music theory background before playing piano. Otherwise you just don’t know how to use it, you only play tricks.

So talking about “digital natives” mustn’t lead us to resign from our educative role and from the fact that WE build the usage of these tools. Literacy?

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