Filter me I’m famous! (social noise in a social world). How to "strip-tease" the right information?

by Laurent François

When you’re now online, connected to thousands sources of information, to thousands of people, there’s a major challenge: to be able to listen properly to what is said. How to do it in a clever way?

David Armano talks about “people-powered algorithms” :

According to David Armano, our minds have the capacity to sum up, sort, analyze and manage the most interesting online signals. We’d be like “human hubs” of information. Nonetheless, some points are not discussed in this post:

  • what shall we do once we reached a critical mass of “human hubs”? how to manage them? do we need to sort them like in a CRM? but then how to “follow” both friends AND sources of information? I have a true problem on Twitter, moreoever because I follow guys in different lanugages
  • do we have to specialize the way we agregate contents? but then, how to make these kinds of filters system a mainstream tool?
  • the “noise” does not cover the whole relevant information. Many “old” contents are great to enrich an argument. But in this logic, it is not included !

A French blogger, Jean-Luc Raymond shares an interesting thought :

“Ne pas rester confiné dans un bruit permanent est un enjeu tout comme reconstruire du sens qui ne soit pas uniquement synonyme de visibilité ou d’attention permanente.” (V english: not remaining bounded in a permanent noise is a big issue, like building again some meanings which would not only be a synonym of visibility or permanent attention

The big question is: how to build a coherent storyline and to still own it, which would be influenced and built thanks to meetings and external thoughts ?

Finally how to “strip-tease” all the available data to get the essence of what you’re looking for?

Some helps right here…and also here about newcomers 😉

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