"Internet Symphony No. 1 — Eroica.": YouTube closer to people’s real affinities

by Laurent François

YouTube announced a great initiative, called YouTube Symphony Orchestra, featuring a collaboration of “wannabe musicians with Carnegie Hall, conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, composer Tan Dun and others“. Explanations :

“The announcement heralds the beginning of a global initiative between YouTube and the classical music world with the enthusiastic participation of such luminaries as Thomas and the pianist Lang Lang, and many elite orchestras, including the London Symphony.

It’s a stark melding of high and low culture, complete with the “Idol”-style competition.”

From a social media point of view, this project goes a little bit deeper towards “real people”. The affinity is the key asset, which will regroup and engage a wide diversity of individuals, from different social spheres.
Ok, the field is still a bit elitist: classical music. But we can imagine this kind of mechanism into a great scope of interests. The relationship between the brand and the interested musicians is direct, no 3rd part.
Great idea. Can’t wait to see the result.

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