LeWeb 08 Live blogging : Itay Talgam – Conductor

by Laurent François


Loic Le Meur

Itay Talgam – Conductor

LLM : Itay is a musician, and we want to share an experience…

IT : music and love always went very well. You know, love, harmony…Fuck, very easy…when you make love, you need love music. Let’s try and let’s watch a short video of a live concert.

Let’s think about the conductor, the man in the middle. In French, we call him “chef”, and that’s weird because there is “one winner” and several losers. His job is in fact to connect people, through happiness.

Not only the orders and the sanctions are very clear. There is passion, commitment. But it all transforms into a control notion. But can we control in another way ?

Let’s have a look at another example..

This guy is not really giving orders. It’s not an instruction, it’s a gesture, of how he feels with music. It’s about the meaning, it’s about a process. Not instruction.

A process is a physical movment.

Music love like social media love ?

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