LeWeb 08 Live blogging : Nikesh Arora SVP Google & President EME Operations

by Laurent François

Nikesh Arora SVP Google & President EME Operations

Loic Le Meur : do we have the wrong leaders ?

NA : start up numbers show the good health of Europe.

NA : we just need these people evangelize what they do

LLM : there are cultural differences ?

NA : There are different prospects; there’s a lower appetite for risk in Europe. Failures in the US are not considered as a bad thing
The next Google will emerge from a garage.

LLM : you have good mozarella in Italy. You’re in a garage. You don’t speak English. How do you take it from local to global ? In the US, you have 300 million people in one language. Here in Europe : we need 22 languages.

NA : Opportunities are to be seen for billions of people connected to the internet. In your market, you first need to get a good idea

LLM : How can google help ?

NA : use our products as a basis, see it during our workshops. The economics environment mustn’t dictate the access to the capital.

Question from the public : I used your google products and there are good things to do with them. But why isn’t there any “not to do” advices ?

NA : I’ll take that as feedback

Question from the public : you said there’s a wide access to the capital. But in fact, it’s really difficult to access it. Our biggest problem as startups is basically how to get in touch with venture capitalists.

NA : raise your hands in the room ? Information exist in many forms.

Question from the public : what’s your point considering languages ?

NA : I was trying to talk to someone who speaks Spanish. @ Google I have a product that live translates. Given the development of technologies, I think we can translate sentence by sentence now.

LLM : what are the top 5 priorities for Google ?

NA : I think it’s very important that entrepreneurs do not want to make Google a lover. Think first about an idea.

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