Ranking Wikio / Elle: a controversy in French blogosphere

by Laurent François

Wikio, the “personalisable news page featuring a news search engine that searches media sites, blogs and the contributions of Wikio members” launched with Elle a kind of top “French women blogger”.
The ranking is highly impugned because of its nature and because of 3 main arguments:

  • the categories (cooking, fashion…) are too limited and so cliché
  • the methodology is not understandable for most of the bloggers: if you don’t agree with the way you’re evaluated, how can you trust the results?
  • Wikio does not take in consideration Skyrock blogs and MySpace whereas many digital influencers are on those platforms

What really matters is that this ranking will be read by a wide community of women. In France, about 30% of people are not yet using the web on a daily basis. So reading this information will become a “real” fact for them, because Elle provides a kind of “institutional” footprint as a very followed magazine.
As bloggers are more and more becoming “opinion leaders”, this does not represent just a simple anecdotic article, but a power issue: who’s going to take the lead for the mainstream population?

To be debated, again and again…

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