The reason why "buzz" is a bad notion: because there are many Tyra Banks on Earth

by Laurent François

Sometimes, when it’s Friday evening, you’re a bit tired of all these guys talking about buzz, buzz-marketing etc. My ears also start to bzz bzz again and again. What’s even worse: when my phone’s vibrating, and that it’s late at night, I think it’s one of Buzz gods who’s calling to punish me.

Sorry to share it with you. But I need it.

Why I don’t like the word “buzz“:

  • it sounds like a magic word, whereas it covers a wide scope of meanings: do we mean digital influence? do we mean peer to peer recommendations? do we mean awareness?
  • because it’s a magic word, it hides the whole potentiality of word-of-mouth
  • it’s mostly associated to a mechanism, whereas what’s great with people talking to other people is that it’s all about relationships, subtile and touch discussions. Not a Z sword called sorrow-marketing

A concrete comparaison : you can push a video on YouTube homepage -> it’s called buzz. And you can try to find the best leaders in new technologies to invite them for a meeting for your client, and hoping they’ll write about it. -> it’s called buzz.
Buzz is like “Tyra Banks”. There are many meanings, and obviously many persons beyond what you just vaguely name.

As professionals, we need to be extremely precise on what we sell, and the way we call it. For any objective you need to get precise notions, strategy. Otherwise you just miss your goal.
Unless you’re just looking for the most popular result:

But we all know that the most popular does not often fit with the most relevant result. Even if it looks pretty good.

have a good week-end, world.

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