The world (LeWeb) was pretty flat today in Paris

by Laurent François

Imagine hundreds of people, inovative and motivated by key-issues surrounding the social web.
Imagine start-up enthusiastics, new media lovers and people who have faith, which is good to be mentioned when you face a financial and real economics’ crisis.
Imagine a fantastic place, “le 104″ , dedicated to arts, culture, quests.

You should have got a great event.

It did not happen today @LeWeb . Conferences were just commercials, there was not any single new idea. Damn hell. It was not LeWeb. It was Loic Le Meur Web (L[LM]eWeb).
The proof is that the conversations on twitter were just about how cold the room was, why it was so painful to get some food or coffee, and how nice the snow was this morning. Great. If you call it web professionals’ views: I quit.

Actually, good things happen off the event. OFFLINE the event. Oh! Yeah! It’s called networking. I met great guys, really interesting and heartful, that make you believe in the “social web”.
And also one I read here here and here too.

See you tomorrow.

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