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January 13th, 2009

Michael Reissinger: "A Short History of Marketing" in Western countries

by Laurent François

Here’s an interesting video trying to sum up what’s happened during the last decades in marketing, and the relationships that a consumer has with brands.

Funny & easy to understand…Nonetheless it’s very “Western countries”-oriented: what about countries that got an access to mass consumption later and the consequences in terms of marketing? Did it follow the same trends at the same pace?

Thanks Renaud for finding it!

January 13th, 2009

Absurd online polling: populist tactics about Gaza in social media

by Laurent François

We’ve experienced a populist wave of social media tactics during the last few days concerning Gaza issue.

An example of what was this morning’s buzz:


or again :

In this absurd competition, we observe that through Murphy’s law, the populist social media use leads to an increasing amount of hate discussions and extremist positions.

We ask for an “opinion” to a complicated topic, but we only have 2 ways; either to be a supporter, or to be against. Pros vs Cons. It’s the zero degree of narration. No argument, no conversation.

This binarian question has no rational solution: it just faces 2 groups of people, and we don’t even know what we’re talking about: Jews, Israel, Arabs, Hamas? Who knows? And what about the other stakeholders?

There’s some hope, though: we know that there’s a kind of autoregulation among affinity networks online. When a position is wrong, our liquid modernity leads to a balanced postion.

Information collected thanks to Ouriel.