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January 20th, 2009

Digital influence in social media: a video to better understand what’s going on

by Laurent François

The Online Media from RealWire on Vimeo.

I’ve seen this video on my boss’ blog (boss blog sounds like an alliteration, doesn’t it? 😉 ). It aims to summarize the diverse issues of digital influence in social media.

Nonetheless, some thoughts:
ROI tools seem not enough powerful for clients, moreover if you have to justify budgets in an economics of recession

probably too “consumer issues” oriented: it’s all about audience, awareness, traffic, “buzz”, whereas when it comes to influence, it’s most of the time about engaging the right people to make them understand / agree / support deeper messages. Probably because consumers are sexy, and citizens aren’t ?

More about ROI in social media:

Mark Emery: “My point is that ROI, like love and a winning poker hand, isn’t exactly predictable. In the long-term, most people find love, and, if you play poker enough, you’ll even get rockets.”
Kyle Lacy: “Use the tool for what it’s worth. It is extremely possible to start mixing social media marketing into your traditional marketing campaigns and further the power of your marketing arm.”