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January 30th, 2009

Social Media : Whats Going On in 2009 ? A 25-slide presentation to discuss

by Laurent François

Social media in 2009: a 25-slide presentation to roughly and quickly explain the various economical and political issues for citizens and the role of new media.

I’ve used FlickR, Webilus and my various readings. Thank you social web!

Thanks Webilus, Thien – Bloxx Girl, Karine, Charles-C., Cyril (el digit Maestro)

and if you have any suggestion to improve this presentation, I’m ready to include any useful comment!

January 30th, 2009

New media on the rise, but the oldest one even faster: people

by Laurent François

“The declining usage for old media isn’t much of a surprise. But looking at the growth rates for different forms of new media, it’s apparent that some tools are catching on way faster than others, also not a surprise if you consider the topics we tend to focus on: social networking, blogging, and video. In all, the study re-enforces what you should be focusing on and prioritizing if you’re responsible for getting a company up-and-running in the world of new media.”

Read on Mashable this morning.
Few points caught me in this graph:

  • Local “print” news are absolutely not decreasing: local is back, and people want to read contents they experience
  • Company websites are on the rise: it’s probably because it is a source of influence (so to say, consumers look for information and legitimately think that if the company lies, it’ll be bashed)
  • Advice and peer to peer recommendations are still increasing: certainly because people have less and less time to solve problems and so need quick access to information aka their relatives/friends/peers

If “old media” are on the way down, there’s an older medium to be considered: people themselves!