Gaza, hotter than ever in conversations: social media insights that are not covered by traditional media

by Laurent François


Google Trends has the strong asset to show what’s the search volume for specific queries, and to compare it through the years.
This visual demonstrates that Gaza has never been as searched as now. Other surprize: we could guess an increase of the search because of an American interest, but in fact Turkish citizens seem to be the more commited. On the Asian side: Indonesia also seems concerned; an important information is that Indonesia is the country with the most numerous Muslims

It’s prety interesting to see that traditional media don’t talk much about how the conflict is perceived in Turkey or Indonesia.

Maybe because there’s still something stronger than social media & people expectations: information stereotypes ?

Twitter discussions prove what we observe on Google Trends :

most popular trends on twitter ever since we started (05.12.2008)

#tcot 587.35 Xmas 515.50 Shorty Award 431.35 iPhone 421.50
Santa 397.15 #Gaza 365.25 Christmas 338.20 Gaza 195.45

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