Local talents and Word-Of-Mouth : peer-to-peer phenomenons ?

by Laurent François

I found this funny T-Shirt right here via Acollective.com.
It’s kind of a provocative and funny motto, but in the meantime, it leads to some interesting thoughts:

  • local talents now have the possibility to be discovered and highlighted through social networks like MySpace
  • there’s another way to be spotted than waiting for broadband media: you can become a phenomenon through the word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer recommendation
  • what could remain as a wasted time before can now be integrated into a wider project. I think about art, but I also think in terms of affinity between complementary people, who can meet one another at the local and/or at a more global level

2 French music examples:

  • Yelle, who even had some connections in the US :

  • Little, who was a pure WOM discovery in France in 2008 :

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