Maurice Lévy and Tyler Durden: together against Kleenex consumption but…consumption power vs consumption will

by Laurent François

Remember Tyler Durden insights for new marketing?

Maurice Lévy (Publicis) recently answered an interview …and we discover that his arguments are close to Tyler Durden’s:

Translation : “for the last 30 years, we’ve lived with the idea that we could have all the things we wanted and immediately…I think this era is done, and that consumers are now entering into the “no”-era…the system based on accumulation does not work anymore, because individuals, corporates, government and more generally society can’t do it anymore and must make choices. The Kleenex consumption, wasting, belong to the past; instead there’s a more selective consumption, based on durability”

Kleenex world…Maurice Lévy (the marketer of the consumption society) & Tyler Durden (the anti consumption society) do agree on the same argument. The main difference is that Maurice talks about consumption power (in the sense of having enough money to buy), whereas Tyler Durden promotes consumption will (in the sense of having the choice to buy or not).

And it’s probably why Tyler is the new marketer…

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