P2P interview #5 with Tugce Esener (history of advertising) "It shouldn’t be hard to find that one person who hates your product/service/whatever"

by Laurent François

Tugce Esener is the author of the brilliant history of advertising, that she broadcast on Slideshare. I asked her if she was OK to answer some questions for our P2P interviews, and she kindly answered “YES” !

1- Can you introduce yourself in few words and tell us what the hell you’re doing in social media like Slideshare and Facebook ?
Curious, helpful, dedicated Lecturer! Teaching at Kadir Has University on Integrated Marketing Communications and Marketing Strategies. Getting MA in Istanbul Bilgi University on Marketing Communications. So I search, dig, evaluate, summarize and share.

2- What are the main trends in social media that are happening in Turkey ?
More or less the same everywhere. But we as marketers (in Turkey) are just starting to discover the goodies social media is offering. Some viral campaigns, a bit of blogging integrated communication trials and lots of fuss about it all being free. We recognize that internet advertising isn’t just banner ads on popular sites. SEO is on the rise. Viral is the new “cool guy” on the block. Facebook and other social platforms are a place to experiment.
I guess 2009 will be a year of reduced marketing budgets and more experimenting on social media. Discussions of “Should we tweet or blog? Is facebook good for our brand?” will become more popular. Starting local or interest based social platforms will be the new hype. But the ones who get through 2009 will have a better understanding of consumer needs and will engage the marketing idea with the products via social media.

3- What should a brand do right now if it had to start a communication strategy?
More listening less talking! Communication starts with understanding.

4- Do you think that every brand has the possibility to start a conversation with consumers?
One way or another, yes! Maybe not through internet, but there are other ways to start a dialogue. It shouldn’t be hard to find that one person who hates your product/service/whatever or the one that is secretly in love with you. Either case it will be more helpful than a board of marketeers who are desperate to get a raise and go buy that dream car.

5- If you could achieve a project thanks to social media, what would it be?
I would love to see some real interaction with consumers. Not via fake blogs or pushy press releases sent to bloggers but with real consumers and real feedback. And how about doing some good to the people who are actually listening?
As for personal wishes, I would like to use social media tools to update marketing professionals who are still stuck in 1900 (Killers vs Poets). Because its not a good time to write a song or aim at ducks.

Thank you !

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