PR account exec., personal branding and clients

by Laurent François

Read on PR Squared :

“In other words, maybe it is becoming a little bit less important that the PR pro develop a day-to-day relationship with the blogger, and more important that they establish a personal brand that suggests to the targeted blogger that “this is someone I can trust.”

So to say, a PR professional could improve his results with bloggers thanks to his own personal branding. He should not spend too much time in “real” meetings (like lunch, breakfasts…) because the outreached blogger can get his information online.

Well, there are some good things and some weird ones with that:

  • digital footprints give a glimpse of who someone is. But it does not demonstrate his/her taste, his behavior etc. You have to keep discussing, maintain the conversation, otherwise you’re just a pattern of data
  • a PR boy or girl works for…a client! If it is a controversial one, you can probably be good looking, smart, nice, friendly, it does not make everything: you represent your client reputation, and you broadcast its story to someone. You as a person are just the vector, the filter
  • a PR account exec. is not yet a popstar. Otherwise, you just miss your job and can experience that:
    • this thought can lead to a kind of laziness. You can easily outreach people you already know, and it can hide you some other groups of individuals that could be interesting for your business. Whereas what you seel to your client is to make him “meet” the right public, not necessarily YOUR public
    • … ?

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