We’re liquid, but we need brick&mortar (and cables), thus.

by Laurent François

Hung Nguyen wrote a post that makes me wonder about the brick&mortar needs we have, even if our relationships (economical, human…) are more and more “liquid”:

“A “flying lamp” which was released as Hanoi citizens were celebrating the Tet Holidays had essentially burnt the cable and thus caused a total blackout to all sites hosted by VDC.
@Baomoi concluded: A “flying lamb” could deface Chinhphu.vn, Dantri, Vietnamnet and 80% of the Internet in Vietnam. Super duper hacker.””

Interesting to see that online security is first (and probably foremost) a question of real management issues.

(true light is not yet into the cloud-computing… 😉 )

photo @Dia

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