Why current Twitter tactics for brands are now starting to bore consumers (and me)

by Laurent François

Many guys predict 2009 as the Twitter year.

Cool. So what?

Many brands, PR agencies etc. start following bloggers on Twitter. And guess what: it does not work pretty well. Here are the reasons why:

  • getting in touch with a brand whereas you did not ask for that is not a natural process
  • I usually don’t follow institutions or brands. But I follow spontaneously people I know, I want to know or that someone suggests me
  • I sometimes follow event-accounts, in order to be aware of what’s going on, what’s “live”, and to know who’s in the room I am

Something is missing in the current tactics I experience as a blogger:

  • brands or agencies contact me without giving me anything in exchange
  • their accounts are just a press releases sender

Why would I follow them? I’m now even bored when I receive again an email saying “*** is now following you”.

So, what should agencies or brands do?

They should be embodied by someone: it’s more powerful to be followed by an account executive or by the startup’s CEO than by a logo. You want to know someone, you want to experience the conversation. You want an authentic relationship, you don’t want to talk to an automatic server. You need to show the value someone will get if he/she gives you time.

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3 Comments to “Why current Twitter tactics for brands are now starting to bore consumers (and me)”

  1. So true.. @zappos is a perfect example of a CEO / man behind the brand with an attitude of being human not another source for info.

    I try to make people realize that but it’s hard. Their mindset is too corporate, black suits and ties.

  2. @Titanas I’m sure that because they’ll use this kind of tools, they’ll get what annoys them or not

  3. I think many companies are viewing twitter and other social media platforms as exactly that, an easy medium to have messages reach a lot of people. If your company is doing this, you are entirely missing the point of social media. Sending out PR messages should be second to making a real, personal connection with your community.


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