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February 28th, 2009

Palestinian graffiti artists, digital influence and peace

by Laurent François


Palestinian graffiti artists decided to launch online an interesting project online:

“It costs 30 euros ($40) per message and they can be as solemn or wacky as you want. Everything goes, except for obscene, offensive or extremist hate speech. Clients get three digital pictures of the finished product.source

The revenue aims to finance cultural projects in West Bank.

A new way to protest, beyond stones or war: words through a digital influence program.

February 27th, 2009

Social media: a kid’s explanation

by Laurent François

Great videos found here.

What’s great?

  • it’s all about normal people talking to other people
  • social media don’t require any technological master’s degree
  • social media are yours

Have a good week-end!

February 25th, 2009

Twitter & microblogging: a new hub of information. How to find the best sources?

by Laurent François

This morning, Breaking News On went pretty fast and wrote before any other press agency that a crash had happened in Netherlands.

It follows a trend that is spreading all over the world: microblogging and instant conversations to share, confirm or not, then drives to the relevant pages the events.

As Mathew writes:

“More recent events, such as the emergency landing of a US Airways jet in the middle of the Hudson River and the inauguration of President Barack Obama, have only reinforced how much a part of the news cycle social-media Twitter has become. In some cases it functions more as a social network than a news-delivery mechanism, but it is still fascinating to watch, and it can provide instantaneous crowd reaction to an event in ways that are definitely newsworthy. During the inauguration, for example, I was live-blogging for the newspaper I work for, and we were also feeding people’s Twitter posts and thoughts into the blog.”

Now the thing is: how to connect to the right hubs of information? Probably a mix of sources:

  • people that are in the same affinity group than you, in order to keep you posted about what can be really relevant in your niche
  • big general hubs, in order to know what the “official world” is talking about
  • trends setters/discoverers/snipers, this new bench of people that are working on social media or highly connected to a wide diversity of networks for their works
  • and finally your friends! because it’s probably from them that the most useful serendipity effects comes
February 24th, 2009

GMAIL down: a proof of Google dependency

by Laurent François

More than one thousand tweets/minute: GMAIL is down. I cannot imagine how many communications are broken, how many data are lost, how many processes are now late, how much we’ve lost this morning. A Google dependency to my ex-best friend?

February 23rd, 2009

Ad of the day #9 : IBM Fight Carbon 2 – energy efficiency with Coby Kennedy

by Laurent François

Remember Fight Carbon campaign?

IBM keeps the rock and mobilized Geneviève Gaukler, Coby Kennedy, Parra, Tim Tomkinson to express a simple message: it’s possible to create arts while you reduce pollution.

It happens here:

And it’s Ogilvy that did this campaign. Good job guys!