Agent Provocateur insights for relevant social media and PR outreach

by Laurent François

Agent Provocateur gives us funny but relevant insights of what we as PR or communication professionals should not do at all when it comes to outreaching bloggers or digital influencers:

“2. Don’t mix the message. Men have spliced up their idea of a bachelor part into two groups: male bonding through activity (fishing, hiking, camping, etc) or sex-escapes (Hello, Vegas!). Women need to consider similar choices. You can either have a more sedate evening, like the one I am throwing for my friend, or you can go all around town, getting crazy. Both have their merits. However, the two do not mix. Don’t go from sampling wine with grandma to a hotel room with a beefy men and sex toys lying about. Not. A. Good. Idea.”

So to say: personalize the projects in which you want that people get involved. As a blogger, I daily receive a newsletter by Dior. I really like this brand, but I don’t care to get everyday coupons for products that target my parents. Do not mix messages that can belong to the same brand, but that do not target different groups of people! (then change your CRM backoffice…).

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