Are social media overrated?

by Laurent François

There’s this funny feeling when you work “on” and “in” social media that people start telling me that social media are overrated. And that’s certainly because they only link social media to bloggers. Guess what: I don’t think so. The more relevant question is: how to make them relevant? How to position them in the best way among other media and paths?

I do totally agree with Jim Tobin:

  • “1996: “Once advertising agencies figure out HTML, they’ll do all the web development. These interactive agencies will be absorbed.” Should’ve been true. Wasn’t.
  • 2000: “Once the interactive agencies figure out the tricks of SEO, specialists in search engine optimization will go away.” Again, didn’t happen.
  • Today: “Once the PR people, or the ad people, or the digital people, or maybe the SEO people, figure out this social stuff…” Not going to happen.
    (…) What’s really next for social media agencies
    Certainly it’s early for all of us, but more likely than being threatened from “above” by traditional agencies, the history of divergence tells us that over time we’ll be threatened from “below”. Specialists in one subset of social media will emerge (they already are), and we’ll find ourselves competing with them in a couple years.
    That’s how it works in advertising. That’s how it works in PR. That’s how it works in interactive. That’s how it works in SEO. Because that’s how it works.
    Will traditional agencies “do” social media?
    Of course they will. Just like ad agencies build websites. And interactive firms build SEO into what they do.
    And some clients will prefer that model. The “Can you just handle all this for me?” model. Nothing wrong with that at all.”

Moreoever, social media are made of bloggers, among other digital citizens. When you “log” to any forum, you’re already a web-logger, when you log to Facebook, you’re also web-logging. Anybody potentially is a weblogger, so a kind of blogger.

When you disminish the social media impact, you tackle the citizens’ access to a wide diversity of spaces of conversation.

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