Best brainstorming / mindmapping tools: from Muji notebooks to softwares

by Laurent François

I asked on Twitter what are the best mindmapping / brainstorming tools. Here are the conclusions of we need :

  • A way to go in a very deep thinking attitude (night, beer, silence?)
  • A way to write what is said (paper or laptop)
  • A way to share thoughts (paperboard, wikis…)
  • A way to implement merrymaking or conviviality

Well, 4 paths to a good co-working!

Laurent : what’s ur favorite tool for mind/brainstorming ?via Twitter – 9:34am – Comment – LikeUnlike – Show Feedback (8)Hide

  1. Steve Evanssteve_e @lilzeon I use Freemind It’s pretty good for that kind of thing, especially if you get it up on a screen in meetings

  2. Thibaut Thomasthibautthomas @lilzeon paper & pen, Muji notebooks or paperboards.
  3. Laurent Le Coustumer at 9:39am February 23
  4. Agathe Nougaret at 9:57am February 23
    chopsticks !
  5. Laurent Le Coustumer at 9:59am February 23
    fortune cookies!

  6. Laurent Enzo François at 10:00am February 23

    not bad. what else?

  7. Laurent Le Coustumer at 10:00am February 23
    Freemind/Mind manager
  8. Laurent Le Coustumer at 10:01am February 23
    (plus beer)

  9. Agathe Nougaret at 10:09am February 23

    Magic markers (yep, to actually write ! you junkies !!)

  10. Laurent Le Coustumer at 10:11am February 23
    “write”?? like with the hand and a pencil?? you freak!
  11. @eni_kao Lack of sleep, red wine, bread and cheese : you get the most strange ideas at 4 o’clock. Some are quite good.


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