From marketing endorsement to (beauty) enhancement : Q-Med case

by Laurent François

A very important issue happened in Sweden with Q-Med, a company specialized in medical implants.

Blogger and model Johanna Trenck was contacted by Q-Med to publish a post, with a counterpart to get a free lip augmentation treatment. The problem is that Johanna did not mention the deal on her blog.Summary:

“(…)This case deals with an extremely important principle. We know this sort of hidden marketing is common, but we’ve never been able to prove it before,” said Mattias Grundström from Sweden’s Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket – KO) to the Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT) newspaper (…).
The Consumer Agency is also considering making contact with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), as bloggers who accept gifts are required to pay taxes on them, UNT reports.”

The good thing of this story is that it brings into focus some ethics when it comes to a business relationship between a brand and a blogger. So to say, that there is a media / brand transaction.

More about Q-Med issue:

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