Hot guy complex and brands: a marketing affair

by Laurent François

Do you remember the famous popular hot guy when you were at highschool? The one that made you feel ugly, more alone, standard? And very strangely, some years laters, things have changed and new leverages are at stake. Body attraction is not only the killer tool. Your authenticity and therefore your imperfections are now your assets.

For the former hot guy, everything flip-flops: it’s like if he was experiencing his own story in the wrong way. Teenage angst is back, whereas he’s about to be a granny. And guess what: he does not understand why it all went wrong.
The same story seems to happen with brands and marketing: if they don’t question themselves, if they don’t go back to their DNA, and ask themselves what their unique value proposition is, they’re certainly about to die. Or even worse: they can annoy us.

Conversations must be engaged, very quickly. Because if you do a one-night stand with a popstar, most of the time you check the day after if he knows how to write a song and believes in it. You cannot live anymore on your old glories. You have to prove and challenge your reputation. Right now.

Photo: Jesse Millian

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