"It’s OK I’m with the band". Niche markets to leverage influence

by Laurent François

Sometimes, it seems like it’s always the same star-bloggers who are invited by brands or institutions, to engage conversations about a wide diversity of topics. How come? Because it’s apparently complicated to explain why the purpose of an influence program is not always to generate traffic to a landing page but to leverage word-of-mouth between the most relevant persons.

eCairn shares with us an interesting study proving that you must outreach bloggers or more generally digital influencers who are in the niche. Why that? Because they’re linked to other communities, that are not targeted by “blockbuster blogs”.

Good news for us: the blogger of the street, sorry, the man of the street has a strong importance. Wow REALLY ? Conclusion of the study:

“Well, if you’re a marketer(s) and you think you should target only about the top25 bloggers in a community and forget about all the others (I hear that a lot, most of the time not even for niche communities, and I’m not the only one), you may:

1. miss out on a big chunk of the ‘influence dynamic’ going on within a niche community.
2. go the difficult way: The top influencers receive lots of requests and you’re less likely to be noticed..
3. forget about the trust factor: Studies have shown that trust is higher with friends/people you know and B-Z bloggers may have a tighter trust relationship with their audience which is smaller.”

More about influence and niche markets:

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