Love or Hate-marketing and Google: it’s not about sex-toys, but tender relationships?

by Laurent François

NY Times publishes an interesting article and a thought by Sullivan explaining what’s the true asset of Google:

“I asked Mr. Sullivan if we should deliberately spread our searches across several engines, doing our own small part to help keep competition alive. He said that such a campaign would not be sustainable. “I’m probably going to continue to use the thing that I have a good relationship with, which is Google,” he said. “If you suggest that someone should go use Microsoft search, it’s like saying ‘You should go get a new best friend.’”

So we use Google not only because its tools are great, but because it’s our online best friend.

A friend that looks similar to a human being:

  • results’ popularity are close to our gossip-girls nature
  • Google integrates our human chaotic loop: we like mixing an intense work (Google Search) while we are reading the breaking news (Google News), and in the meantime we’re writing a sticky note on our favorite magazine (Google Reader) and answering an email (Gmail)

Problem is that Google is not my true friend. Then :

  • I can decide to ignore it if he disappoints me (wrong platform? a competitor with a better offer?
  • I can sue Google if it deceives me (selling my personal data to the government? not deleting a wrong proof of my teenage life?)
  • I can criticize Google and make it buzz around out of Google loop

In 2008, a lot of people talked about Love-marketing. Don’t forget that the “you’re dissmissed” button is close to my hand…

Love love love!

“Love is about meeting needs, about physical ecstasy, thoughtfulness, laughter, tears, fear of loss, vulnerability, acceptance, feeling like you’ve always wanted to feel. About bliss and acknowledgment. It’s a drug, a tragedy in waiting, a union, a connection. A thrilling present, a happy future. It’s about wanting things to last forever. Planning and building sandcastles. About walking on air. Being accepted unconditionally for who you are not what you do. About touching. Respecting needs and wishes. Sharing secrets. Wanting the best for others and helping them achieve it. Nigel

2 Comments to “Love or Hate-marketing and Google: it’s not about sex-toys, but tender relationships?”

  1. You know when something has taken over when it’s used as the single noun or verb, regardless of the thing it’s describing or doing.

    @I’m going to Google@ – even though i’ve just used Yahoo search, or @i’m listening to my iPod”, when it’s a Creative Zen, for example.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that Google is our best friend, but it’s certianly the person you’d want on the phone if you were playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

  2. You’re right. I just wanted to insist on the fact that in relationships, nothing is ever done, nothing remains static. It’s all about giving, receiving, sharing, and probably even more. So if Google now is our “friend”, we have to impose it the same rules and demands.

    u’re right for “who wants to be a millionaire !” haha

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