Risky business 15 realities & 15 rules for managing reputation online (white paper)

by Laurent François

Found on Tarik’s blog: a Risky Business White Paper Us – Presentation Transcript
RISKY BUSINESS 15 REALITIES & 15 RULES FOR MANAGING REPUTATION ONLINE A survey conducted in cooperation with Weber Shandwick 2009. Here’s Tarik summary:

  1. Conduct an initial landscape analysis of your professional and company reputations online: Take a 12+ month look back into online sources such as blogs, social networks, forums and chatrooms to benchmark and obtain a clear understanding of what has been said historically about you and your company.
  2. Monitor your digital reputation regularly and embrace SEO
  3. Engage in the online community: Identify one or more passionate employees who can participate in the social networking arena on your company’s behalf.
  4. Build reputation shield early on
  5. Know when to respond online
  6. Get inline using all your media assets
  7. Identify reputation threats early on. Plan for the worst-case scenario: Rule out any surprises and always be on your guard. Many companies now have, or need to consider building, a ready-to-launch “dark site” that can be activated if a worst-case scenario suddenly occurs. Remember, whoever talks first is in a better position to set the tone.
  8. Endlessly listen to your employees: Listen and respond to employees before they potentially attack you online, intentionally or unintentionally. Listening means more than fielding a survey or putting a suggestion box in the lunchroom. It means reviewing employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews, and monitoring your reputation daily using key words that can be searched on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Turn your employees into advocates!
  9. Multiply your bad news online by 100
  10. Don’t neglect industry discussion: Boards and blogs: Enlist your senior management and other members of your workforce in digital boot camp. Ignoring influential bloggers and complaining customers causes reputational harm. Reach out to bloggers and posters with solutions to problems with your products/ services.
  11. Review your website as if you were a prospective customer or competitor
  12. Customerise the online reputation of your products and services
  13. Accept your employee nation: Understand that employees will go online to criticise and praise your company—so prepare, review and communicate your corporate employee blogging and social media guidelines. Online conversation will only increase in the years ahead as online conversation continues to heat up.
  14. Be on the lookout for errant emails
  15. Find your online advocates. Prime the pump for badvocates: Create an ongoing dialogue with your supporters, fans and enthusiasts before problems spread via word-of-mouth or on the web. These brand champions are a company’s best defence against badvocates, whose words and actions detract frombrands or products.

Even iftoo “marketing study-oriented”, the presentation gives great insights from the 750+ executives all over the world who were polled. Thanks Tarik !

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