Some products are Bi (or bothline) like the French stamp (La Poste)

by Laurent François

We often talk about cannibalization between online and offline services / products.

For examples:

  • MP3 vs CDs,
  • Online photo sharing like FlickR vs printed photos,
  • online news vs print press

I’ve read this interesting service that La Poste (French postal service) has just launched. You can now print your own stamp at home and uses it on your letters. It’s pretty interesting because it goes further than the simple online vs offline debate.

It’s an extremely powerful demonstration, that some products can have the same “blood” than our identity (digital and “brick & mortar”) as human beings.

A communication that is apparently offline, tangible, as a postal letter, dematerializes one of its transaction to shorten the relationship between sender and recipient

A product can then have a life both online and offline, to a certain extent, and that we can apply the same active / passive scale analysis(see slide 17).

Stamp 2.0, bi or “bothline” ?

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