TicTac knows how to transform a bad buzz into a successful kick-off

by Laurent François

Here’s what’s happened in a UK soccer match:

“From a drop ball just outside the centre circle on the half-hour, after the Reds had put the ball out of play to allow Emmanuel Mendy treatment for a knock, Blues striker Scott Spencer sportingly kicked the ball back to Reds keeper Martin Hansen.In a scene straight from Question of Sport’s ‘What Happened Next?’ the ball drifted towards the Reds keeper, who lost its flight completely, let it roll through his legs and into the net for the game’s opening goal.Liverpool’s equaliser couldn’t hope to be as dramatic, but it was still another unusual effort.”

Dramatic. Here’s what TicTac did (found on the brilliant Tim Whirledge’s blog). The brand transformed this bad buzz into a funny but relevant meme-extended video, engaging conversation with UK supporters and observers:

After EA Sports and Tiger Woods case it’s a new step forward for PR and social media: when brands become RT-film-makers…

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