Twitter & microblogging: a new hub of information. How to find the best sources?

by Laurent François

This morning, Breaking News On went pretty fast and wrote before any other press agency that a crash had happened in Netherlands.

It follows a trend that is spreading all over the world: microblogging and instant conversations to share, confirm or not, then drives to the relevant pages the events.

As Mathew writes:

“More recent events, such as the emergency landing of a US Airways jet in the middle of the Hudson River and the inauguration of President Barack Obama, have only reinforced how much a part of the news cycle social-media Twitter has become. In some cases it functions more as a social network than a news-delivery mechanism, but it is still fascinating to watch, and it can provide instantaneous crowd reaction to an event in ways that are definitely newsworthy. During the inauguration, for example, I was live-blogging for the newspaper I work for, and we were also feeding people’s Twitter posts and thoughts into the blog.”

Now the thing is: how to connect to the right hubs of information? Probably a mix of sources:

  • people that are in the same affinity group than you, in order to keep you posted about what can be really relevant in your niche
  • big general hubs, in order to know what the “official world” is talking about
  • trends setters/discoverers/snipers, this new bench of people that are working on social media or highly connected to a wide diversity of networks for their works
  • and finally your friends! because it’s probably from them that the most useful serendipity effects comes

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