Ad of the day #11 : Ma Garden Party: French pop trend for Wilkinson Quattro ad

by Laurent François

Ma Garden Party
envoyé par magardenparty

Songs and advertising are very linked. Motto, killer sentences are made to occupy consumers’ mind…like “Open Up” for Nescafé etc.

Wilkinso introduces a new concept : the branded hit.
  • we used to know that some original songs were used by brands (ex: Maxwell)
  • we’ve experienced the motto repetition
  • we now have the advertised chorus “quand c’est court, c’est plus classe, et plus glamour devant la glace” (translation=when it’s short, it’s more trendy, it’s more glam in front of your mirror)

Between discobitch or Yelle…when the new French pop arises in new ads

Found onEmilie.

Ma garden party par Simone elle est bonne pour Wilkinson Bikini Quattro. Site en ligne:

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