AnxietyIndex to help brands better understand what consumers fear

by Laurent François

I found this on CBnews (blog) : “JWT launched a website to help brands better understand consumers anxiety.”

Funny to see that AnxietyIndex is based on 2 axis : safety/security vs economics. This indicator would be very different in Europe for example, depending on our cultural differences and our daily concerns. The good thing with this positionning is that you have a great prism to promote best practices and case studies…
Just one thing we should not forget: this indicator is just another indicator, and must be used in regards with other tools.

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  1. Thanks for this cool matrix,
    and also interesting to see how limited it their view over future big “threats”, such as environment (climate change, water). Note that environmental threats themselves are also tied to security concerns as well (fights for natural resources and future environmental refugees)

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