"Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer" an IBM study

by Laurent François

I think we all do agree that we have to go social. Nice news; but how to achieve this goal? IBM has just released a great document, focusing on the capabilities issues and how to handle them.

Document is to be downloaded right here.

“Regardless of the chosen path, being competitive and overcoming substantial hurdles will require a fundamental change in capabilities. New capabilities across four areas hold paramount importance as traditional advertising gives way to consumer centricity: creative, insights, collaboration and workflow.

  • Creative – From media-centric development to cross-platform innovation. This requires experimentation across platforms and consumer participation in the creative process.
  • Insights – From disparate data to greater insights. The future requires insights to be seamless and more granular, leveraging tools such as integrated campaign dashboards to enable decision making.
  • Collaboration – From proprietary models to open collaboration. A new set of partnerships – such as peer collaboration between cable companies or content collaboration with ad networks – is needed across the evolving ecosystem to exploit opportunities, enable scale benefits and deliver efficiencies.
  • Workflow – From manual and analog to automated and digital processes. New tools and applications can deliver end-to-end processes, from automated micro-versioning to digital inventory optimization.”

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