Cao Ni Ma : semantic counter-attack by Chinese citizens

by Laurent François

I guess you’ve all read about the semantic counterstrike led by Chinese citizens against censorship:

The attack on censorship is three-pronged. First, it is an ‘in your face’ message to the Chinese government that whatever method they employ to censor, it can be defeated raising the question whether any of this effort is worth it to stop the propagation of words and ideas. Second, it encourages the population of China to ridicule the government’s efforts at censorship and join the opposition to it, and finally, it is an embarrassing (for the Chinese government) reminder to the rest of the world that China censors the contents of the internet that is available to its population.

Great news for us: in our liquid modernity, the ways to revolt, claim anti-conformist ideas or opinions is “soluble” in new media, new ways. You can defeat government storytelling if it does not match with your reality.

What’s greater: clandestinity can now “buzz” like a Britney Spear music video.

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  1. This is how it happens in China, things are told indirectly, but they are told anyway. This is good to see that in China too, people are able to stand up for their rights.

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